San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Panda
In March I visited the San Diego Zoo. I had been there when I was a child and the only memories I have are of Shamu, the famous killer whale. Shamu lives at Sea World…so this was really my first trip.

I set out to experience the place through reportage, and below are some of the drawings I made that day.
San Diego Zoo GazellesSan Diego Zoo ElephantsSan Diego Zoo Zebra

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  1. Jeanette

    Hi Greg! Beautiful drawings. The panda is esp. nostalgic for me – reminds me of the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo in DC. They were celebrities when I was a kid – probably still are! Oh – FYI – Despina’s page is coming up blank.

  2. jane

    These are beautiful!
    You should spend everyday at the zoo!!!!

  3. San Diego Attractions

    San Diego Attractions…

    San Diego Attractions…

  4. Anna Rizzo

    I love your illustrations. and your movment of strokes.

  5. Greg

    Thanks Anna, I appreciate your comment. Are you an artist as well?

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