Happy New Year everyone! I thought it might be interesting to start the year by showing some behind-the-scenes work, also known as “sketches” that I created for a recent commission. It was a fun illustration to do about a topic that I really find interesting, and I had a great time developing the final image.

Vita is a Canadian magazine for women and I was asked to illustrate an article which discussed the effect of music on the brain. Many times, in my opinion, the sketches contain a certain life and power far beyond that of the final illustration. Here are the 3 that were submitted to the AD.

Once the direction had been established and the art director’s input had been implemented, additional treatments were considered. In other words, the notes were designed and designed again.


And below is the piece as it appeared in last month’s magazine.

What do you think of how the concept evolved?

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  1. Moish

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy seeing the process. I have to agree with you regarding the life and power of the sketches over the final illustration, they each have something very vibrant about them.

  2. Stephane Lauzon

    I love the watercolor background and the way the notes become pink and more soft in your final illustration.

    I think the final piece fit more with the magazine but your sketches are great too. Maybe more for an art/music concert or somes festivals about it.

    Thanks for sharing, i love it !

  3. Oona

    I like the second and third sketch better than the final illustration, mostly because they are very much alive, while the final seems a bit stiff to me. The blue version is feeling the music more than the pink one, if that makes any sense.

  4. Joshtulman

    Nice! Visually, the thumbs are the rulers for me. I get the whole ‘orderly circuit board of the mind’ in the final, but not as exciting for me. Suits the needs of the article, although I can’t read French and music doesnt make my brain Mondrian-ish…or maybe it does. Well played!

  5. Greg

    Thanks Moish. I hope to create more posts that show how I work.

  6. Greg

    Thanks Stephane. Check back soon for more.

  7. Greg

    Thank you Oona. Makes total sense!

  8. Greg

    hey Josh. I hear ya!

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