One Drawing A Day-Book NOW AVAILABLE

I’m proud to announce the publishing of Studio 1482‘s first collective effort, One Drawing A Day: A 6-Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media . The book, which is essentially our blog ( put in print, guides the reader/participant through a series of exploratory and thought-provoking exercises designed to bring about very personal and profound artistic growth. Author and Studio 1482 member Veronica Lawlor did an amazing job with the writing and organizing of the book and Quarry was the perfect publisher to work with.

I’m so happy to be a contributor to the book and I hope you’ll pick up a copy today and let Studio 1482 know how the lessons are working for you. We’d love to see your work and invite you to post on our One Drawing A Day FACEBOOK page.

Get your copy online at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE or many other fine bookstores.











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