New work for The Guardian

I was given my first commission for The Guardian last week. The article titled Could Microsoft’s climate crisis ‘moonshot’ plan really work? was certainly a challenge to illustrate, but when the solution finally comes together it really is that much more fulfilling. Basically, Microsoft has pledged to go carbon negative by 2030, and this article delves into the science and tech that they hope will help them achieve this noble goal.

Here is a link to the article: Could Microsoft’s climate crisis ‘moonshot’ plan really work? and below are the illustrations in context as well as some sketches to show the process. And larger versions of the finals are in there too if you want a closer look.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and please stay safe everyone! Thanks for stopping by (virtually of course).

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  1. gregg zocchi

    Fabulous work, as usual

  2. Greg

    hey Gregg,
    Thanks for the support buddy, hope all is well.

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