Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers)

[sgmb id=”1″]As some of you know my drawings appear on Crooked Fingers’s release Breaks in the Armor as well as the acoustic version of the same album. Crooked Fingers aka Eric Bachmann has been one of my favorite artists for years (since I was in high school!) and last night I was happy to attend a special performance at which they performed their first 2 albums to promote their re-release today on Merge Records. Performing with only a cello/bassist and a violinist the new take on the songs was perfect for the intimate setting. I suppose there were maybe 100-150 people there (the Hi-Fi Bar) though it felt like much less. I had a nice seat in a booth so I could only see Eric and his guitar above the crowd as the other strings were seated, so these were the drawings I was able to make.

It’s so interesting to see the difference in the drawings from the Breaks in the Armor record to these.


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