Raul Peñaranda

[sgmb id=”1″]Here are drawings from last week’s Society of Illustrators special sketch night featuring the designs of Raul Peñaranda. #penarandaworld #soi128 #gregbetza #illustration #fashion
raul-penaranda_greg-betza-1 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-2 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-3 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-4 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-5 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-6 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-7 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-8 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-9 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-10 raul-penaranda_greg-betza-11


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  1. Greg

    Thank you Audrey. 🙂

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