Wine has always been a category for which I love creating art. Last June I was asked to create a new merlot label. It was a very focused project and one that I was very grateful for. It was one of the few projects that I worked on during the lockdown and it really helped keep my mind positive. It was very peaceful exploring the delicacy of wings, the design of the filagree, and the iconic ‘A’.

I’ve posted a few product shots as well as some of the work-in-progress below. Lots of experimentation with ink, watercolor, resist, digital, etc. I love working on projects that I really don’t know how to technically “pull off” but somehow find my way to where I need to go. A fun project and as always a great collaboration with the wonderful people at Gallo.

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  1. Maria Stathakis

    Nice job. Love the effects around the “A” and to throw in a little Greek… as the dad in Big fat Greek Wedding did “Apothic” comes from the Greek word apothimeno. This means to keep it all inside you, thoughts and comments, but 🍷 will work too. Hope you and the family are doing well. Great job 👍🏼

  2. Chris Warren

    Love it, Greg! Beautiful work, as always!

  3. Greg

    Thank you Maria! We love that movie, it’s very similar to Despina and I when we were dating haha. Thank you for writing and I hope you’re staying warm up in NY!

  4. Greg

    Thank you Chris, I appreciate that!

  5. Melanie

    I’m saving my bottle ☺️
    Great job !

  6. Greg

    haha, thanks Mel!

  7. Rachel

    It’s absolutely amazing Greg! I have the guys at my Shoprite liquor store keeping a look out for me for when it comes in. I’m totally buying a few bottles.
    Congratulations Greg!

  8. Maria T

    Beautiful and impressive work!! It would definitely make me grab for this bottle. I’m going to be on the lookout for it. Congratulations!

  9. Greg

    Thank you Maria, so nice of you to write. Enjoy it if you find it, I hear it’s quite good!

  10. Greg

    Rachel, I remember you liked the Apothic wines. You may be the first person that introduced me to them at some party way back when 🙂 Thank you for the compliments and say hi to Joe!

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