Tommy Stinson…and The Sopranos

Tommy Stinson, former bassist of The Replacements recently completed an artist residency at The Bowery Electric, playing there each Thursday in the month of August. I was happy to see him touring again as it must be at least 10 years since I’ve last seen him perform (I actually saw him perform on my 21st birthday). Another great thing to mention is that, having already raised nearly $50,000 for children devastated by the earthquake in Haiti, he is donating half of the proceeds from his new record to the cause.  He is a great songwriter and if you’ve never heard him or heard of him, check him out.

In addition to Tommy, opening that night was La Dolce Vita. The band is fronted by former Sopranos star, Michael Imperioli (You’ve probably seen him on those 1800 Tequila commercials as well). Not bad, but I’d have to hear them again to give an honest assessment. Here are some drawings from the shows.

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