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I was asked to created an extensive series of illustrations for Wine & Spirits magazine for this month’s special issue on the “Art and Science of Wine Tasting”, including the cover! The only downside was I had about 5 days to do it. Sometimes, if I am available, it is my favorite way to work. Job comes in, focus on it and work constantly until it’s finished…and in just a few short days I’m on to something else.

Anyway…my assignment was to create a series of illustrated montages of wine tasting sessions and to combine the tasters with the colors and elements that make up the particular wine they were tasting. Whether it be the region the wine is from, the ‘notes’ in the taste of the wine, or how the wine is aged, etc., etc.,…I had to create harmonious visuals. I was also asked to illustrate portraits of all of the wine tasters. That was especially fun. I’ve included a few of my favorites below.

And lastly, for the cover I was directed to write out different descriptive words to fill a wine glass. I really loved that idea and think it makes a striking cover. Thanks to Mike at W&S for working through this tight deadline with me.

I’d love to hear what you think!

portrait1 portrait2 portrait3 portrait4 portrait5 portrait6

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