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Below is the piece that I wrote about last week. It was a fun illustration to do, the concept of the illustration is that apps have been developed that act like personal trainers. Read the article here.

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  1. Ganesh B



    I am a follower in IVP Misys Media IT Computer systems. I am sure there are many people who look like the illustration you have done. I seem to be one of them. But a good sketch I have seen handmade by far, till now. Closest one could come to from who has not seen me (Eyebrows are different, though).

    Though, it took time for me to search you. I found you and the sketch in the WSJ and Linkedin. Got a wild discovery when trying to find you!!

    I am on Linkedin and Skype. Though, I am not adding anyone since sometime due to issues, I would have liked to add you. However, you can keep in touch, of course if you want to; through email. I will be glad.

    Looking forward for a response and may be a sketch for a work-related fan. I will provide present pictures for sure. Thanks!

    Ganesh Bhat

  2. Greg

    Thank you for following my blog Ganesh. Keep in touch.

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