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This is my latest published illustration. It was a great article on the music and culture of 1920s Iraq for the UTNE reader. It was nice to hear something different about this country, something positive. Beautiful things were possible in those beautiful times. Let’s hope there will be more to come soon. UTNE illustration

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  2. Aaron

    I really love the way you use color so liberally and yet avoid muddiness!

  3. Greg

    Hey thanks Aaron. Glad you liked the piece.

  4. Veronica

    hi Greg,

    I love the romance of this painting, and the sentiments of your writing as well.

    lovely –


  5. Ed

    Hi Greg,

    I really like your work on urban sketchers, great blog as well.

    Its really interesting to see how you combine your observational style to an illustration format. Really insperational.

  6. Greg

    Hey Ed,
    thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you like the work. Good luck ‘observing’, and I hope you’ll check back often.

  7. Wid


    I love this picture, i have a painting similar to it hanging in my dorm room.
    I wish Iraq the best.

    Thank you

  8. Na3eem Ajlan

    Hi Greg,
    Im Iraqi academics living in Southern Iraq.
    I’ve reached this page and paint by googling Iraq+ Hope looking for a cover paint for my FB page (above)
    I hope you dont mind quoting your work

  9. Greg

    Feel free to use it. thank you for writing.

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