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This was a great assignment as I got to illustrate an interesting concept in a way that I found challenging. The article dealt with our economy and where we all are in relation. The chairs (10 of them) each represent 10% of our economy and each person represents 10% of the population. So as you see, 90% of us fit into 30% of the economy. I thought the AD chose a nice way to have this concept illustrated. I love to draw people and I also love making complex pictures. Here I got to do both. I’d love to hear your thoughts.UMass Amherst Illustration_BetzaUMASS Amherst Magazine_Betza 

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  1. Frank Bettendorf

    Greg, This really good stuff! I’m trying to learn to draw groups of people so I know the difficulty involved. Great concept and execution. I wish you’d post more often to Urban Sketchers because I believe it would motivate others besides me.

  2. Greg

    Thanks Frank. I have quite a few drawings for the Urban Sketchers site, just been very busy lately. I appreciate you asking, and I’ll make it a point to get them up there very soon!

    Keep working at the groups, they’re tough, but what is better?

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