Tearing Down Giants Stadium

With the completion of the (still to be named) new stadium at the Meadowlands, it is time for the old one to come down. A few days ago, my wife Despina and I took a ride over to reportage the demolition. The remnants of old Giants Stadium lie everywhere as the stadium, now literally cut in half, peers down. I know I’ll never see anything quite like this again. Here are 2 drawings from Thursday. And here is a link to some drawings I made during the construction of the new stadium.

As a footnote, Bon Jovi was also playing that night, and I realized quickly that their greatest hits, sung by New Jersey tailgaters is not exactly the “mood” music I was looking for. But hey, when in NJ…

check back soon for more.

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  1. audrey

    These are great, Greg!

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