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Those of you familiar with PowerPoint are well aware of its history of artistic limitations. So when I was asked last month to create original designs for a PowerPoint presentation, I was thrilled to hear that Microsoft is working to change people’s perception of what PowerPoint can be. I was one of six artists to participate and I think everyone did a fantastic job bringing a fresh look to such an important application. Check out the design gallery here and download the presentations for free!

Below is the chosen title slide as well as 2 additional designs that I created for presentation. I’d love to hear which is your favorite.

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  1. Alice Brown

    Hello Greg,
    I love your second design as it reminds me of the ‘bits’ in a kaleidascope. With a kleidascope, you see a different view at every turn and the excitement comes from the randomness that can never be duplicated. Your design speaks to the uniqueness that a ppt should be in order to fully captivate the audience.

    Thank you for sharing. You ROCK!

  2. Greg

    Thanks for your interpretation Alice. I really like what you’ve said about PPT as well. Great thought.

  3. Kate

    Love the second design – Alice Brown’s comment says it all. So glad I got this introduction to your work (and play).

  4. Kathy Stilwell

    I like the third one. I love seeing creative interpretations of the natural world.

  5. Trine


    Amazing!!! I’m a teacher and consistently bore with PPTS and their lack of colours or rarity of colours that the students can see and that I dont get bored with!

    Yours are fantastic.

    I was telling my students about where the latest are from (you) and they said they want to see you do some doodling!! (Im definately not one for art so I’m hoping you are?! ha!).

    Many thanks,

  6. Greg

    Thank you Krin! So nice to hear. Hope your students are enjoying my ‘doodles’!

  7. Joanne


    You’re PPT designs are refreshing and fantastic! They’re definitely a break from the usual PPT designs! I’m really glad i’ve found your post but i’m actually having a problem on where to download your powerpoint designs because Microsoft Powerpoints’ FB Page have already moved. Are there other links where i can download your designs? 🙂

    I hope you can help me out, i’m really in love with all your designs! 🙂

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