Circus Performance

Last week at the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night two very talented acrobats performed their brand of contortion and feats of strength, and mixed in a few fashion poses to boot. I enjoyed the variety, the interesting shapes they created with their bodies as well as the surprise of each pose. You really never knew what was coming next. The poses were also very quick, which I prefer, often lasting only a minute or 2.

Special thanks to Illustrator Ted Michalowski who did a great job keeping a reign on the circus as he directed the evening…and he even Acrobat_greg-betza_1 Acrobat_greg-betza_2 Acrobat_greg-betza_3 Acrobat_greg-betza_4 Acrobat_greg-betza_5 Acrobat_greg-betza_6 Acrobat_greg-betza_7 Acrobat_greg-betza_8 Acrobat_greg-betza_9 Acrobat_greg-betza_10 Acrobat_greg-betza_11 Acrobat_greg-betza_12 Acrobat_greg-betza_13posed a few times in his bright purple shirt and top hat.

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    […] I made this drawing last week at the Society of Illustrators. The model was a circus-style acrobat and an all around amazing athlete. Great to draw. Here are more drawings from this series. […]

  2. Fiona Verity

    i just love these drawings there is an awesome energy i can feel the performers and love your variety of line

  3. Janet

    Thanks Greg for sharing so much of your work. Love the freedom & life in your drawings. So great as I am trying to improve my drawing skills. I prefer the looseness of your style to the rigid details of perfectly accurate life drawing. You have such a great variety of models with the Society of Illustrators. I really appreciate the work of all the One Drawing a Day group. Thanks for the regular shots of inspiration! Regards, Janet.

  4. Greg

    Thanks so much Fiona. I’m glad you enjoyed the drawings and that you could feel them.

  5. Greg

    Janet-Thank you for taking the time to look and write. The SOI provides a great variety of models, and a beautiful venue within which to work. If you’re ever in New York City you should certainly attend a drawing session.
    Knowing that the ODAD group and I inspire makes us all feel even better about what we’re doing. Thank you again for letting us know. Best of luck with your drawing!

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