Central Park

I spent part of this Labor Day weekend with my wife and studio 1482 member Despina Georgiadis and our son visting the Met and Central Park. This was our first visit as a family, and coincidentally the Met happened to have a show of one of my very favorite artists JMW Turner. While it was an experience taking a newborn through a show like this (amazing how his little voice carries) Despina did make one comment which made quite an impression on me. Turner was both a highly realistic yet very abstract painter, and she pointed out how he could have discovered abstraction through his paintings of nature. Her observation was an inspiration for me as we spent the rest of the perfect day in Central Park painting and giving our baby a tour of the park we love.

Here is a painting I made and the abstractions within that I find most interesting.

Greg Betza_Central Park Watercolor

Greg Betza_Central Park Watercolor Detail 2

Greg Betza_Central Park Watercolor Detail 1

Greg Betza_Central Park Watercolor Detail 3


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