Bryant Park

I had the opportunity to go out drawing in one of my favorite places last week, Bryant Park. In the summertime it overflows with life and is one of the best places for people watching. Here is a panoramic drawing I made while doing just that, and another drawing of a couple sitting near the park’s carousel…and oh yeah, a close-up of the carousel as well.

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  1. audrey

    Feels like summer in New York. Beautiful!

  2. April Kelly

    gorgeous Greg!!

  3. julia

    these are so beautiful! great feeling of the carousel!

  4. andy

    Nice style – keeping loose while maintaining a tight composition is not easy. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. Caroline

    Brimming with life and energy, I LOVE it! Great work, great vibrancy…you make me want to be there, living life! in Bryant Park!

  6. Greg

    Thanks Caroline, I appreciate that. It’s a great place, I hope you get there some day!

  7. God

    So beautiful. I love it. Isn’t Bryant Park where they held something for WICKED the musical?

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