Breaks in the Armor

I’m pleased to announce that Merge Records will be using my reportage drawings of Crooked Fingers as the artwork for the upcoming album “Breaks In The Armor”. This is an honor for me as I’ve been a fan of both Merge and Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers) for years and have always respected their music immensely. In fact, I basically grew up on their music. For me this is an incredibly fulfilling commission and I just can’t wait to hear the album. Check out the trailer for the album HERE.

Thanks to Eric and Maggie.







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  1. julia

    Greg-that’s awesome! What a beautiful, arresting album cover…

  2. Rod

    I love these lines and those patches of watercolour..Not surprised that they wanted it! Congratulations.

  3. Jean Marie Drouet

    wonderful line. free and expressive.

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