A Great Job

A few months back I was contracted to create preliminary drawings of 10 new spaces within the new home of the New York Mets, Citifield. This is the type of job that doesn’t come along very often. I was given a tour within the new stadium (a privilege given very few) in order to get an idea of just how massive it truly is. And believe me, it was impressive. I have a new respect for the amount of planning and complexity that goes into a project of that magnitude. It was quite an experience to see the stadium unfinished and one that I doubt I’ll ever have that opportunity again.I’ve posted 4 drawings: The Jackie Robinson Rotunda, the Left Field Club Restaurant, the Sterling Lounge, and a rendering of a luxury Suite. Make your way to Flushing this spring and see it all come together. Love to hear what you think….   CitiField Jackie Robinson RotundaCitiField Left Field Club Restaurant CitiField Sterling Lounge CitiField Suite

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  1. joshtulman

    Great spaces!

  2. Greg

    Hey Josh, thanks for noticing!

  3. reportage illustrators dot com » Blog Archive » Citifield

    […] Illustrator Greg Betza recently completed a commission for interior drawings at Citifield, new home of the New York Mets. See some of the work here. […]

  4. michele

    Loved the drawings! … who knew? Chris and I pass it daily and we were wondering what it feels like inside – gorgeous space.

  5. Veronica Lawlor

    hey Greg, this one’s a double, meaning, you did a great job with your great job! Looks like you had fun – Ron

  6. gabi campanario

    terrific work Greg! always inspiring. the top one is my favorite

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