The Jazz Butcher at the Cake Shop

One of my very favorite bands the Jazz Butcher aka the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy played at the Ludlow Street venue The Cake Shop and I was one of the few devotees in attendance…but all the better. For an all-but-unknown band they are incredible song writers and the music perfectly matches the writing…have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. I was lucky enough to meet Pat backstage and we talked about the first time I saw them back at Wetlands back in 1998. I was a little surprised he remembered the show but as he put it “Who could forget a show like that!”…you had to be there, amps blew out, sold out, “last show ever”, etc.

Cheers JBC.

JazzButcher002_greg-betza JazzButcher001_greg-betza JazzButcher006_greg-betza JazzButcher005_greg-betza JazzButcher004_greg-betza JazzButcher003_greg-betza

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