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Seasons of 1482 is an illustration promotion created by myself and 3 other members of studio 1482, Michele Bedigian, Despina Georgiadis and Dominick Santise. We were looking for a way to show our work together while retaining our individuality. After a few meetings, the idea of exploring the green movement artistically seemed the perfect vehicle. Here is the explanation of our idea, taken from our promotion:

No matter how small the thought, or how small the effort- it counts!

Just as Earth is a complex combination of intricate ecosystems, it seems that its problems have also become a complex web of interconnected issues.
And just as these problems have come to us through a series of events and actions, so must we understand the solutions to be.

We look to the seasons of our planet as they change and pass into one another.  We imagine a way.

By following the beautiful blueprint of nature, we may begin to allow the flow of today’s efforts, discoveries and accomplishments, to pass on into the future.
We can create a cycle of smart and conscientious actions, the sum of which being the change we need.

A new system, full of complex webs constructed with tenacity, caring and sacrifice.

To do our part, we chose to illuminate the seasons of our Earth. After delving into our individual concerns about the planet, we began with four different views.
We then came together to discuss them, and to imagine a season of change.

This is our contribution, our effort.

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  1. Danielle

    Hey Greg,
    What beautiful work you guys have done with the project. Great Idea!
    ps: Love your scientific american illustration!

  2. Greg

    Hey Danielle,
    We’re really proud of what we came up with and it was a lot of fun to do too. Thanks for checking it out.


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