Scooter LaForge at SOI

[sgmb id=”1″]I was fortunate to have the opportunity to draw #ScooterLaForge’s fashions last week at the Society of Illustrators. If you’ve read my post from earlier this year you’d know just how wildly inventive and unpredictable his fashions are. It is a dream to draw. Here are the drawings…

Thank you to the Society, Scooter and Ted Michalowski for hosting the event.

#gazellepaulo #scooterlaforge #jorgeclar #sparkleprincessHB

greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-15 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-14 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-13 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-12 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-11 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-10 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-9 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-8 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-6 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-5 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-4 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-3 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-2 greg-betza_scooter-La-Forge-1

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  1. Anne-Laure

    Hi Greg,

    I really love your work so thank you for sharing! 😀
    I especially like your mixes of shapes and lines, your use of blank space, your watery use of watercolors, the dynamic of your lines… 😉

    I have some -silly- questions about sketching with colorful lines and I thought you may be the best person to answer it. 🙂 I hope it won’t bother you!

    Did you already explain what is you sketching technique, which are your tools and so on? I have followed your blog for quite a long time but I can’t remember if you ever shared such informations.

    I asumed that the fine colorful lines you use are not made with a brush… With a dip pen, then? Or it might be some fountain pens filled with various inks?

    If it’s a dip pen (or several dip pens?), I am wondering how to do not to spoil one ink with another (during the color change…). Is wiping the nib with a towel (moist towel?) enough? Dipping the nib in water during the change would create lighter lines and would spoil your ink bottles with water I suppose (or water dipping and then wiping on a towel, then?).
    I warned you : silly questions!! 😉

    I am wondering, too, how to use several inks with a dip pen when sketching on location… Does it exist some gear for inks with several wells, giving the possibility to close each one separately?
    I think I could perhaps build one with some ink sample vials and multimorph plastic… Do you think it could work and being handy enough?

    As I like to sketch with fountains pens with a fude nib, the other solution would be to have several of them and to fill it with various colors… The color choice would be less wide and I would have to make some pen changes when sketching but it could be more handy. I was wondering, too, about the idea to use a fude nib fountain pen as a dip pen…

    Once again, thank you so much for your information about that!
    I am looking forward to read you. 🙂

  2. Greg

    Hi Anne. Thank you for writing and your questions are no bother!

    I don’t really believe in posts about process. I believe in experimentation and finding ways that work for you, whether your process is traditional or completely new, it is only through trial and error that you can find out what works best in your hands.

    Your questions aren’t silly 😉 In fact I’ve probably done everything that you’ve mentioned. I use fountain pens, dip pens, brushes, ink, watercolor, crayons, china markers, markers, pencils, etc. etc. I dip in water, wipe with a towel, change water, use dirty water. I work fast so I often make it up as I go. That works for me.

    You’re ideas about several wells or multiple dip pens sound really interesting. You should definitely research that more or create your own system.

    Hope that isn’t too vague, but honestly, I really do make a lot of it up as I go. I see what’s working and run with it!

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