Olivia Tremor Control-Le Poisson Rouge

Saw an amazing band the other night at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. The Olivia Tremor Control, part of the Elephant 6 Recording Company, have been in existence for more than a decade, winning a strong underground following. They sounded great and hearing some of the older songs really brought me back. I first became aware of them when I arrived early at a show back in 1998 and was fascinated by their presence, unusual instrumentation and…really beautiful music. Trumpet, clarinet, keyboard, guitar, saw, banjo…you name it, they play it. The show from Wednesday night is streaming over at NPR…give it a listen.

My friend Kati of Musikati.com wrote a great review and did some really wonderful drawings as well. Check them out here.

And here are a few drawings I made while there.

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  1. Rod

    I like your varied line styles for different band members it looks great in the final compositions.

  2. Greg

    thanks Rod. Yeah, sometimes it’s the right way to approach it.

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