Max Groove

No, not his real name, as he told me with a smile. He’s a fantastic jazz organist that I happened upon on my last night in Kansas City last month. I took the show in from the front row and just enjoyed drawing. It had been a while since I had such a good seat, lighting and a table! And a few drinks as well. Max was a great guy, from New Jersey no less. He and his drummer liked what I did, hope you do too.

Oh and I can’t forget, the Green Lady Lounge. A venue worth visiting if you’re into jazz (or not).

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  1. Max Groove

    Thanx Greg, great drawings. Enjoyed your company and your talent. Hope you make it back this way soon.

  2. Greg

    Thank you Max, it was great to meet you. Thanks for the music. I’ll be in touch if I’m passing through again. All the best.

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