JAZZ & ART at Lincoln Center

On Saturday night I was fortunate enough to be invited to the incredible Jazz and Art II concert by The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. The show featured works by artists including Bearden, Davis, Sam Gilliam, Homer, Wifredo Lam, Mondrian, Matisse, Picasso and others projected behind the orchestra as they played jazz inspired by the works. What an amazing event to reportage! Honestly it was a bit overwhelming to hear this incredibly original music while watching the backdrop of master works of art. It was an experience both personally and artistically. The only way it could have been better would have been to have all day and all of my art supplies!

Here is a selection of drawings from the performance.


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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    What fun! These are terrific Greg.

  2. Greg

    Thanks Ron! It really was great.

  3. michele

    theses are the most incredible drawings – what an amazing experience. thank you for taking me with you.

  4. michele

    I’ve gotta follow-up. Despina, I didn’t mean literally, LOL

  5. Greg

    Don’t worry Michele, she knows…she was there! Check out her drawings here http://www.despinageorgiadis.com/?p=851

  6. si-yeon

    Beautiful greg. Good to see ur drawing again. 😉

  7. Lucas

    These are fantastic! The last one is particularly striking! Love it! Any chance I could buy a copy?

  8. Greg

    hello Lucas, thank you for the comment. I’d be happy to sell you a copy.

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