Last night I had the privilege to see my favorite band/singer Destroyer at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. I’ve been to countless shows over the past 18yrs or so and I’ve even seen Destroyer a number of times, but last night was special. He played material off of each of his EIGHT albums and even a song from a side project called Swan Lake, AND he did it all solo with an acoustic guitar. I’ve always been partial to a sripped down lo-fi sound anyway, so in my opinion, it was best like that. Not to take away from what the band contributes, but it really was amazing this way. So luckily I brought a pad to do a few quick drawings (in the dark) as I always think it would be great to reportage these events and then some how I never seem to. Glad I did last night.

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  1. r.b.

    nice greg.
    hit to hear bay of pigs, i just found it.
    enjoy your omega-3’s!

  2. despina

    i really like these greg. really nice.

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