I’m excited to share a project I worked on last year for the Danzante family of wines. Danzante, or dancing, was in the process of a brand redesign, including their labels, and I was asked to create drawings of dancers. Anyone who knows me or my work knows that I love drawing things in motion, so this was exactly the type of assignment I’m always hoping for.

Below are 3 of the 4 new labels. The 4th is a Merlot with the same design as the Chianti. I’ve also included some of the preliminary drawings I made during the concept phase.

This is also a great example of a successful collaboration between illustrator and design team. Thanks to the team at CF Napa for pulling these together. Can’t wait to see them at the store.

danzante-chianti_greg-betza danzante-pinot_greg-betza danzante-Tuscan-Red_greg-betzadancer-1dancer-2dancer-3dancer-4dancer-5dancer-6


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  1. Mike Cremonese

    Greg, these wine labels are amazing!

  2. Charlotte

    So gorgeous, Greg! Congrats! Can’t wait to see them, as well.

  3. Greg

    Thanks Crem! You should be able to find them in most liquor stores. May take a few months before all of the older bottles are phased out, but these should be around soon.

    Hope you guys are well.

  4. Greg

    Thank you Char, much appreciated.

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