Burlesque night

So in my continuing attempt to draw as much as possible, I’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful sketch nights offered by the Society of Illustrators each Thursday. These drawings are from February’s “Burlesque” Night. The models were great in their recreation of this fun, sexy, and playful performance style. Props included balloons, top hats, lingerie and all manner of dangly things! Here are some of my favorite drawings from the evening.

greg-betza-burlesque-5greg-betza-burlesque-1 greg-betza-burlesque-2pen & ink drawings greg-betza-burlesque-3 greg-betza-burlesque-4  greg-betza-burlesque-6 greg-betza-burlesque-7 greg-betza-burlesque-8 greg-betza-burlesque-9 greg-betza-burlesque-10 greg-betza-burlesque-11

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